​Meet Josee Boulianne

As a student of Josee, as her web designer, as her lucky friend, and a colleague in hypnotherapy, I can introduce you to Josee as one of the warmest, most loving, most informed teachers and therapists I have ever met.  I would work with Josee in a heartbeat!

As she told me, she has the amazing blessing of having had two of the most influential teachers I've ever known as her guides in her work -- Drunvalo Melchizidek, in her Awakening the Illuminate Heart workshops, and Dolores Cannon - a "big gun" in the world of hypnotherapy and past life regressions.

Together with Josee's natural abilities, her warmth, her enthusiasm, her beaming heart light, these teachings can benefit anyone who wants to find and tame their inner dragons.

​Rather than "slaying" those inner dragons, Josee will help you get to know them, and  train them, and harness their amazing strength and abilities to take you to places you didn't know you could go.